June 15 Coffee Church Highlights

Happy Father’s Day!  We had a full house on Sunday as we celebrated the men of North Creek.  We handed all the men a Big Daddy Size Dad’s Root Beer.  Mark added his to some vanilla ice cream and had an awesome float!

We preached our Man Card series at both hearing campuses.  We spoke on integrity at Hazel Dell and courage at Battle Ground.  Our Deaf Church had a men’s retreat, so Dawn Smith spoke out of Ruth.  All three churches had great Sundays and we are blessed by some incredible leadership all around!

Small groups are clicking away and enjoying getting to know each other.  Our small group spoke about not living in fear.  Such a relevant topic for so many of us!

Our teenagers head to camp next Monday.   Would you take some time and pray for the 30 students who are going to spend a week focusing on their relationship with Jesus?  This generation needs a powerful move of God.

Mark was in Haiti this week learning what Convoy of Hope is doing in that country.  He’ll be sharing later this summer about his trip and asking us all to give up a day’s wages as a donation to help Haiti.  You’ll be inspired by his stories!

While he was gone I renovated the garage for him for Father’s Day.  I painted the floor, walls, and all the cabinets/shelves.  I cleaned and dusted and I AM SO EXCITED about it!  It was one of those projects that was hanging over our heads for too long and now it’s done!  Such a relief and now we can enjoy it all summer.

We also had a shower at my house for baby Pust on Saturday.  I looked around and was so blessed by the people in my world.  We are surrounded by such amazing people who are committed to living for Jesus and I consider it an honor to grow old with each of you!

My prayer lately for North Creek is twofold: 1.  That we would be people who read our Bibles. 2.  That we would do what it says.  Our culture says a lot of things are OK, but they aren’t…we’ve got to arm ourselves with a Biblical worldview or we will not know what pleases God.  We, as Christians, cannot go around promoting a false doctrine because it is socially acceptable.  We all must aim to be obedient regardless of the popularity of the issue.

On that note, let’s change the world!  So many people to impact, so much to do!  Be blessed1



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