June 22 Coffee Church Highlights

It’s finally summer break for all the kids!  I LOVE it!  I love telling my kids to go outside and come home when you’re tired and dirty.  Those are my favorite memories of being a kid and I am passing that along with great joy.

That being said, my neat little daughter is currently upstairs cleaning her room by choice.  At least she’s not on something electronic…

Sunday was a wonderful sunny day to see all of my favorite people!  We are in the middle of our Man Card series.  It’s definitely written to the men, but everything applies to us ladies as well….character, integrity, purity.  That’s where it is at!

At Hazel Dell we were on the topic of purity and we need to take this very seriously…our minds can be warped into wrong thinking if we repeatedly expose them to the wrong things.  We need to guard against pornography and what we allow our eyes to see.  FIGHT!

On that same note, I’ve been working on keeping my Facebook and other social media pure.  If people post things like gossip, inappropriate content, or statements that create division, I simply hide that person’s feeds permanently.  My purity is more important than knowing what every “friend” I’ve ever had is doing on a Friday night.  It’s my job to protect my heart and it’s not mandated in the Bible to be current on social media.  If it’s causing you to sin or feel like a failure…get rid of it.

Speaking of Friday night, our family was at Seaside this weekend with all of Mark’s family to celebrate his parent’s 50th anniversary.  Washington and Oregon beaches lack one important component…warmth!  Happy Anniversary to my inlaws!

We have a lot of new volunteers lately and we are so thankful!  We have awesome volunteers, but as a growing church, we always need more.  It means a lot to us that you are willing to take one Sunday a month and give back to your church.

Last, but not least…three dozen teenagers and leaders are at summer camp this week.  Would you pray for them?  This week could literally change the direction of some lives and we are believing for a sovereign move of God in their hearts.  Would you pray for salvation, being baptized in the Holy Spirit, for repentance, and for their futures?  Go, God, go.

I’m not settling for second best.  I want to live a life of obedience to Jesus.  Join me!

Be blessed!



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