June 29 Coffee Church Highlights

Highlight of the week:  Youth Summer Camp!  Our junior and senior highers were gone all week at camp and they had an amazing time!  God does deep work in our hearts and lives during camp and this year was no exception.  I think it is even more profound for this generation of students who have to turn off their phones and computers for five days to focus on their relationship with Jesus and each other.  Maybe that would be good for all of us!

THANK YOU to all of you who gave scholarships or provided work opportunities for our kids and teens to go to camp.  We had students who WORKED for the privilege of camp, but some still needed additional help to make it.  We appreciate a church that stands behind our young people.

We will have almost 60 people at camp this summer when all is said and done.  That’s 17% of our people experiencing God at camp.

In the same vein…on BIG BAPTISM BASH (that’s not the name, but it’s sure an epic one!) is August 17.  If you haven’t been baptized, mark your calendars because this is the summer celebration where we pull together both hearing campuses and our deaf church for an incredible morning.  You can fill out a baptism registration at www.coffeechurch.com.  The sooner the better because we usually have a lot of baptisms, so it requires a bit of planning on our part!  Never a bad problem to have!!!

I’m hiding in my air conditioning today.  I’m too Irish for this much sun! 🙂

Sunday was great!  Mat Marbrey jumped over to Hazel Dell to preach on God being with us, while Mark and Jim finished up the Man Card series at Battle Ground.

Did I mention that our worship teams are one of the biggest blessings in my life?  Such great people with astounding talent.

I have an equal love for our kid’s workers and leaders!  Right now in Kid City we have some student teachers for the month of July.  My oldest daughter will be teaching the Bible for the first time and I have to say that is pretty moving for this mom!  I love when we spread out the responsibility of sharing the gospel.  I think that God designed to church to be broad and deep in service!

Well, I hope that your day is filled with lemonade and cool shade.  Trust in Jesus today and let Him guide you.  The adventure you will live is worth it!  Be blessed.

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