June 20 Highlights

Father’s Day at North Creek!

As our annual tradition goes, we served the men hot dogs and root beer for breakfast…so disgusting, but I do LOVE to watch a bunch of men hanging out with a relish covered hot dog on the patio!

Mark spoke a great message based on Mark Batterson’s book, In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day. We gave a copy to every man who came this morning. The message was about living on the outside of fear and taking hold of LIFE to the FULL!

Mackenzie (8 years old) came up to tell me that she was getting “dunked”. That’s kid lingo for baptized! We have had the privilege of baptizing her dad, mom, older brother and now her. I am sure that her younger sister will round out the set in the years to come. If you had told me this one family’s story would be a part of our ministry, I would have done all the work just for them. It’s a FAMILY that will all live for Jesus…Humbling and inspiring!

All of the kids made dad’s day cards this morning. Nothing like a few scribbles on paper to make a dad proud!

Our family crashed this afternoon. It’s been too busy lately and taking a sabbath is a good thing. God’s plan of working hard for six days and then taking a break is genius…I am going to work hard at doing a better job of turning off the brain and relaxing.

Got Mark boneless buffalo wings from Applebees for dinner. He loves the Honey BBQ and I love the Classic ones, so we can never share…that’s fine with me!

Delaney asked me today why there’s a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but no Children’s Day? Uhhhh….

I hope that you have a great week! I leave for our Mexico Missions Trip on Friday so I have a week of packing and prepping to do! I hope that your week is blessed!

  1. lisa said:

    ha ha Delaney- I’ve been asked that too- everyday is children’s day it seems like! In Japan, where children hold a very high place & will ride in the front seat of the car while mom rides in the back, they do have a children’s day… fyi 🙂

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