June 23 Coffee Church Highlights

What a great and busy weekend we had!  June is packed full of grad parties, birthday parties, and BBQ’s.  My girls were so tired from a weekend full of adventure that they begged me to go to bed on Sunday night.  That’s how I like it!

My oldest daughter turns 9 this week…oh.my.word.  I know that all parents say it, but it goes SO fast!  It is almost unbelievable how quickly you blink and years have flooded by.  I am so proud of the young lady that she is becoming!  Such a sweet, kind, and considerate person who looks out for the underdogs in life!

Sunday our staff took personalities profiles and learned a little about how we each tick.  I laughed myself silly to see how everybody rated and how they all fit together!  We have a VERY interesting mix of personalities, which is probably why we can have intense conversations followed by rolling laughter within minutes of each other.  Above all else, we let our strengths shine and try to cover each other’s weaknesses, which is the best part of being a healthy team!

Baptism Sunday is on June 30th!!!!  That’s just 5 days away, so if you are ready to be baptized, please register HERE.  Also, please take note that all of our regular services move to the park this weekend, so plan ahead.  Bring a dish to share, a chair to sit on, and swim gear for the kids!

The Kid’s Camp forms were due on Sunday, but a little birdy just told me that she has room for a couple more if you are still on the fence.  Email kim@coffeechurch.com if you still need to get your kid on the list.  Camp is an opportunity for life change…grab a hold of it!

Our youth are currently at camp, so please be praying for all 35 people that are at Silver Lake.  I happen to know that both the Boy’s Cabin and the Girl’s Cabin won clean cabin this morning.  I am sure there are plenty of parents of teens out there wondering how they can motivate their teenager to take that prize-winning habit home with them….

I highly recommend our youth ministry if you’ve got a teenager…except don’t go this week because there isn’t one due to camp.  On a similar note, we are on our way to having a youth ministry at Battle Ground.  We are neck deep in the interview/planning process.  We’re excited to see a thriving youth ministry in a community we love!  More info to come soon.

So many great things going on and more around the corner!  It’s fun to serve Jesus!  Hope you are blessed as well!

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