June 30 Coffee Church Highlights

Baptism North CreekWHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  That’s how I felt about Sunday!  We had our Annual Baptisms and Brunch at the park where we celebrated with seven people who were being baptized.  There is just nothing better than stories of changed lives!

Congrats to Kari, Bradley, Daniel, Grace, Garrett, Britney, and Madyson on your commitment to follow Jesus!  We are so excited for you and can’t wait to watch all that God unfolds in your life.  Serving Jesus is the best adventure ever!  Not always easy, but always worth it.

I also love the atmosphere of the park and having all of our campuses together once a year.  It is great to hang out and meet new people!

Our upcoming series is one of my favorites!  It’s called Age of Kings and we do a round-robin of preachers all month.  We’ll be pulling out some of our staff to share with you about different Kings in the Bible.  They are truly some epic, life-altering stories about leaders throughout the Bible.  You will enjoy July at North Creek Church!

Did you know we grow during the summer months?  We have some of our highest number of visitors in our summer months.  It’s a great time to invite a friend!  You can also help us by coming 15 minutes earlier than you normally do and meeting some people.  That would be one of the best gifts you could give to your church!  It is our agenda to create a church culture that looks a lot like how Jesus welcomed people into His life.

Wcoffee church youthe are neck deep in conversations and interviews for our Battle Ground youth pastor.  Two things you can do to help this along:  Pray for the teenagers of Battle Ground and give money to birth this vision.  Youth ministries are expensive all the way around.  That being said, they are equally worth every penny in the changed lives that come from that ministry.

Speaking of teenagers, our youth just got back from camp (see mud-filled picture!) and had a truly incredible time.  God spoke to their hearts and lives all week.  Some learned to read their Bibles, some heard from God about their futures, and all built relationships that are important.  THANK YOU to all of you who gave to scholarships to help us get all of those teens there.  We will see the fruit of that for decades to come!

I hope you are inspired to give.  As I sit in our staff meetings, I am flooded with the reality that we have more vision than provision.  We are so excited to go after the future and the only thing that limits us is finances.  Isn’t that an earth shattering reality for the Kingdom of God?  More people would experience our ministries and the life-changing move of God if we gave as we are instructed to.  Let’s do it!

Be blessed this week!  God has great plans for your life.  Hold on to that!


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