June 6 Highlights

Sunday highlights:

Starting Point began! I always get excited about the beginning because I know the great journey ahead of people. Can’t wait to see how each of them formulate some new concepts of God and His plan!

Mike did a great job in the Kids Church yesterday! Mark got to go in and work in the class and he had a blast!

Marcus preached for the first time and did a great job! He spoke on worship, which is ironic because Tracy and Tiffany lead worship yesterday! We made him NOT lead worship in order to preach on it! The ladies did a fabulous job, but I bet it was killing him not to have a guitar in his hands…

We had a very productive staff meeting last night. Sometimes we are a flighty bunch that has a hard time focusing because we are mostly creative types. However, there are these golden moments when we all click into a great idea and roll with it. We have a great direction for the upcoming two months as we add another service and push ourselves to the next level. Jessica, one of our teenagers, sat through it with us. It was fun to have her there! It is my goal that kids and teenagers see us having fun doing ministry.

We are doing a Saturday night service at 7:00 pm starting July 10. It’s not just because our seating or parking lot is full. It’s because there are more people out there who need Jesus and we want to provide an option for them. That’s the only reason I ever want to do anything.

We started cleaning out the old kitchen at the church this week in order to create more functionable, usuable space for kids. It’s going to look great soon.

I ordered 2000 mini beach balls this week for an upcoming advertising campaign. That’s when I feel like my very expensive pastoral degree is being used best…

I hope that you have a good week! It’s a BUSY one for me, but by God’s grace, we’ll make it!

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