When No One Else Is Watching

I think God is very concerned about two things in our lives. #1 – What we do and say in front of other people and #2 What we do and think when no one else is around. It’s easy as Christians to perfect one of these areas and hope that the other one never gets found out.

Recently my daughters “borrowed” my camera and without my knowledge took a plethora of pictures. Many of them were sweet, but a few of them showed their true character. For instance, it’s a rule in our house not to jump on the couch, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this picture pop up on my computer screen:

You might be laughing at my child’s antics right now, but I wasn’t. It was my rule and they knew it was important to me that they abide by it. It’s a rule for their own safety and protection, not a power trip put in motion by their mother. I’m pretty sure that God feels the same way when we take His rules and make light of breaking them.

So, what’s on God’s computer screen today that you’re doing? It might be time to delete some of the things in your life and take some new pictures.

And stop laughing at my kids…

  1. That was awesome. My wife and I live with my daughter and son in law and there two kids. It’s a big house so we can have our own space but alot of times I see and hear my grand kids doing and saying things that are hilarious to me (they are 5 and 9) but might not be to mom and dad. Your article is a good reminder that God is around all the time and is amused sometimes but sometimes not.
    Anyway you have a good way of putting things so keep up the work.
    Maybe we can visit a North Creek sometime

  2. karissa said:

    thats actully a really good picture!!

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