June 7 Coffee Church Highlights

Sunday church was awesome!  We are so excited for all that Jesus is doing in our church!  We are praying for the Holy Spirit to change hearts and lives and it has been fun to watch Him show up!  Make services a priority.

By the way, did you see the article going around Facebook that church attendance equates to a lesser divorce rate?  That’s a great reason to get to church!  Just sayin’.

Sunday was also HOT!  I love the summer weather, so I’m not complaining!

We got to have lunch with the Garners (our Hazel Dell worship leaders), which was a blessing to be with dear friends.  Andrea broke her ankle several weeks ago and is almost back to normal, so we are thankful that God helped them through that busy time.  Thank you to all of you who brought food and helped with Andrea’s Tiny Town responsibilities as well.

Mark has now announced at both campuses that we are praying and preparing to bring our two campuses into one centrally located campus.  We do not have all of the details and how this will look in the end, but we are asking you to pray and let us know your thoughts.  We welcome any questions as well at mark@coffeechurch.com.  To give you the broad strokes, we would sell or rent our current facilities and set up at Prairie High School until the right facility worked out.  It is our heart’s desire that we come together in unity and see how God can use North Creek to reach more people faster.

Summer camps are quickly approaching and we could not be more thrilled for our teens and students at both our hearing and deaf churches.  We have 44 people already signed up for youth camp, which is a record for us.  Kid’s camp forms are coming in over the next two weeks and we are anticipating a phenomenal turnout for that as well.  Deaf church is gearing up for their camp at the latter part of July.  I have to say a big THANK YOU for those of you who have hired teenagers, given scholarships, and made it possible for these kids to get to camp.  We are humbled and honored to serve a church that loves young people.

We had a work day at each campus to get our facilities ready for summer.  We got a lot done and everything looks amazing!  Thank you to everybody who pitched in.

We announced our plan for our Summer at North Creek.  For 6 weeks in July/August we’ll be using Wednesday nights for various events, such as BBQ, ice cream party, potlucks, and game nights.  We are keeping it simple, but wanted to give our churches the opportunities to meet some new people and enjoy some good food!  All of the dates and details will be up on the web soon so that you can plan ahead!

We love this church, we love hanging out with you, and we love the journey that God is taking each one of us on to better reflect Him!

Be blessed this week!


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