May 17 Coffee Church Highlights

Busy, great weekend!  Our family personally had four birthdays and a grad party, so we were surrounded by people we love and cherish all weekend.  A special shout out to my mother-in-law, Alvina, who had a birthday on Sunday.  I am blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law who loves the Lord and raised an amazing son!  I am grateful that my girls have her in their lives as well!

20150517_214321We also got to go a graduation party for our friend and pastor Troy Jones.  He is now officially Dr. Troy Jones, which is just incredible!  We are so proud of him.  Troy gave Mark his first job in ministry, and then years later, he gave me my first job in ministry.  When we are faced with a challenge, we almost always say, “What would Troy say to us?”  The most amazing thing is that Troy invested himself so well in our lives that we always know EXACTLY what Troy would say.  He is a mission-focused man who does the RIGHT thing for the church at every turn.  We didn’t realize 25 years ago how valuable his teaching would be in our lives for decades to come.  Thank you, Troy!  And congratulations on a title well-deserved!

We kicked off a new series, Better Together, over at Hazel Dell right after an exceptional time of worship.  Over at Battle Ground, missionary Don Exley came back to share with us.  He wasn’t scheduled, but had a cancellation, so we jumped on it!  We loved having them and look forward to hearing more of their journeys in ministry in Argentina.

Are you praying for your church?  We are excited for the future and pursuing how we can best do ministry in order to reach more people for Jesus.  No strategy, no building, no current plan is more important than what God wants us to do NOW.  We feel like God is on the cusp of doing a great new work at North Creek and we want you to be praying for your church!

Also, we need you to give!  The Bible is clear that we need to tithe to our church.  Are you being obedient?  I often hear people say, “Well, I don’t give my money, but I volunteer.”  Uh, that’s not how it works in the real world! God wants a generous people in ALL areas of our lives.  Write the check, TRUST Jesus with your finances, and watch Him come through for you!

Well, I’m praying that the Holy Spirit arrests your heart and moves in an unbelievable way this week.  He wants to give you POWER to overcome, live Biblically, and walk in boldness.  He is worthy of our praise, our obedience, and our sacrifice.  It’s not easy to live for Him, but it is worth it.

Go read your Bible! 😉

P.S.  Here’s the video recap of our baptisms last week!  LOVE IT!

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