Kara Brown

I have so many great memories of youth camps. It seems that God graces my life in unexplainable ways when I walk on the grounds. I met Jesus at camp, was baptized in the Holy Spirit at camp, called to ministry at camp, met my husband, and watched thousands of teenagers change before my eyes at the altars of camps. I also met Kara Brown at camp. She was spunky, funny, in love with Jesus, and little did I know it, but she was my best friend’s niece. She was instantly lovable.

Kara would become a cheerleader in my life. Although she was just a teenager at that camp, she would follow us on a journey of starting North Creek. She would email encouragement, facebook me late at night to see how we were doing, and she even showed up twice very unexpectedly. Once early on and once just months ago. She put action to her friendship in beautiful ways.

Kara had a smile that would stop you in your tracks and a selfless heart to match. She was a stunning individual that I am very thankful to have known. Kara was also very sick and endured a long battle that she “won” this morning at just 22 years old. I say “won” instead of lost because she is now with Jesus and that is never a loss…

I’ll miss you, Kara.

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  1. Rachael said:

    I love her too! She was an inspiration & a beautiful young woman. We will miss her! Sending love & thoughts to her family!

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