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This is a blog written by a pastor friend named Brandon Beals. It’s about leadership, which is my favorite topic, so enjoy!

I am winding down my time in Nelson Searcy’s coaching network. (My last trip to New York is in September.) The latest book he had us read for our coaching network was Ken Blanchard’s book, Leading at a Higher Level. Great book on leadership within any type of organization. It provides some great insight on managing your team, regardless of its size. Here are some great thoughts from the book:

When an organization does not live up to its stated values, employee and customer trust and commitment erode, negatively impacting all aspects of the bottom line.

Vision is the responsibility of every leader at every level of the organization.

Values define leadership and the way employees act on a day-to-day basis.

The ultimate responsibility for ensuring and maintaining a vision remains with the leaders and cannot be delegated to others.

Boundaries in an empowerment culture tell people where they can be autonomous and responsible, rather than telling them what they can’t do.

Leadership is not something you do to people, but something you do with people.

You can expect more if you inspect more.

Changes in performance occur either because the job and the necessary skills to perform it have changed, or because people have lost their commitment.

Goals are the guideposts along the road that make a compelling vision come alive. Goals energize people.

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