Magic Places

stacynewell —  May 28, 2011 — Leave a comment

There are magic places in my life. These places have a thousand beautiful memories attached to them where profound things seem to be the norm and life change occurrs. Glacier Bible Camp in Hungry Horse, Montana is one of those places on my list. It seems every time I step onto the campgrounds, I know my destiny is being confirmed. Our church is also one of them. I watch people who don’t think they want to go to church completely change everything about their lives because of North Creek. It changed my life in ways that I cannot put words, too, but I know in my heart that it’s special. It’s a magic place.

Family of Christ Preschool became one of those places on my list this year as well. I watched my overly shy preschooler become her own little girl there. And not only through the eyes of my child, but I feel a profound connection to some of the parents I interact with and I know that there are lifelong relationships birthed out of that magic place.

What makes somewhere magic? I don’t really know. It’s a culture of love that is developed and an unspoken rule that you have to live up to your potential to be there. And somehow, in the midst of the pressure of that rule and all of that love, you rise up and become something better than when you walked in.

Kennedy is definitely a different child than she was just nine months ago and for that I am grateful. We’ll close the preschool chapter and the door of this magic place in our life now, but the sweet memories are ours to keep! So, thank you Family of Christ, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Ashley, and all of our friends, for making something beautiful out of this one year of our lives. I am honored to have another place on my list that is full of the mystery and beauty of God’s hand molding our lives.

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