March 14 Highlights from North Creek

Here’s my thoughts from yesterday:

Daylight savings time is a cruel joke. I was exhausted! Most of that had to do with the building project we are in the middle of, but an hour less sleep for me and the kids was not welcome. Can we all just commit to leaving it the way it is???

Our walkway is red. Gotta say…I love it. It’s bold and crazy, but I love it.

On a lighter note, it was another wonderful day as a part of our church family. We are continuing on with the topic of scars and God is doing a DEEP work in people’s hearts. One factor of North Creek that I appreciate is that God seems to do a lot of His work outside of our four walls. I love that people are discovering that they can read their Bibles, pray, and cry out to God anywhere. He meets them where ever they are at and works in their hearts without the background of a worship team and a pastor.

The youth lead worship yesterday. They did a great job, but the funny thing to me is that I don’t even notice the teenagers as a separate entity anymore. They are everywhere and serving in every ministry right along side of the adults. There is literally not a service that goes by without a teenager in with the preschoolers, kids, nursery, coffee bar, media, and worship team. They are a part of the fabric of our church. They are one our leader’s email list and invited to our leader’s meetings. They are treated with a combination of respect and apprenticeship. We know they are still “kids”, but they are also in the process of putting one foot into the adult world. What a better place to do that than a church? We are the best place for them to succeed and to fail.

We have a coffee cup mural on the side of our building. It’s so cool! Thanks to Alecia for doing that for all of us. I think that if Jesus walked the earth in this day and age, He would hang out at coffee shops. It’s the modern day well. It’s where our society goes to talk, to develop relationships, and to plan. He would be there, rubbing shoulders with all types, and trying to get into their business…and ultimately their hearts.

Someone handed me something that they had been holding on to as a symbol of a past wound. They gave it to me as a new symbol of how God is healing them. It was a pretty emotional moment for both of us. I am humbled to be in the story at all because God deserves the glory. He’s the only one who can change hearts! That being said, I’m gonna keep that thing as a momento of how God is using our church. I want to be a place where people finally lay down their guard and allow themselves to be all that they were meant to be.

Thanks to all of you who have come and worked at the building. It’s remarkable how much better it looks already and we still have a few hurdles to jump. Here we go!

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