One Step at a Time

When we decided to start a church we had lots of ideas tumbling around in our brains and to this day we haven’t figured out how all of the pieces fit together. What I have learned is that if you take the first step, you’re more likely to be able to see the second step.

Once again I see that as we are giving our building a mini-makeover. All of us sudden it went from a run down dump to a trendy, artsy, funky coffeeshop…I honestly couldn’t see it two weeks ago, but when we were prompted to paint the building, we just took THAT step. There was no agenda for another step, but as the saying goes, “One thing always leads to another.” I can’t wait to take the next step as God leads.

This plays out as well as we embark on a second campus. People that want to be involved inevitably ask the same question, “So, what’s this all going to look like?” Hmmmm…I can tell you Step One. Is that good enough? It’s not that we don’t have some sort of an idea, since we’ve done this before, but it’s definitely not a clear picture. It’s a process. And sometimes our greatest fault as Christians is not taking the first step because we can’t see the second step.

It’s the essence of faith. Don’t wait for the whole picture to present itself. Just take one step and see where it takes you.

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