March 15 Coffee Church Highlights

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m Irish, but if you know how feisty I am, you probably already figured that out! 😉

Church was fun on Sunday.  We had great attendance, great worship, and great preaching…all wrapped up in the joy of being with people we deeply love!  What more could one ask for?

We also got to welcome our latest addition to our North Creek family.  Congrats to Roy and Alissa on the birth of their new little girl!  She surprised us by coming a bit early, but all is well!  If you want to help with meals, click HERE.

We have a few more babies coming over the next several weeks, so the excitement is still to come.  We love our growing families and are grateful to these young moms and dads!

We had our Annual Business Meeting on Sunday night to let everyone know how 2014 played out.  It was an interesting year as we felt like our ministries thrived and our finances struggled.  We are using the next 21 days to pray and prepare for how God will use that adversity to provide opportunity.  We could not be more excited for the future of North Creek Church and the one thing you can do to help us is to consistently give so that we can better plan for our budget as a body.

We are doing a slight service time adjustment at Hazel Dell…drum roll please…our 11:00 am service is moving to 10:45 am as of THIS Sunday.  If that is your service, please plan on getting there early next week to help our service begin strong!

We have Volunteer Training days coming up.  It’s for ALL of our volunteers to come and get a clear picture of how and why we do things.  Hazel Dell’s is on Saturday, March 21 at 10:00 am.  Battle Ground is on Saturday, March 28 at 10:00 am.  Plan to be there if you are one of our AMAZING volunteers.

We are gearing up for Easter at Prairie High School.  It’s all hands on deck as we prepare, invite people, and pray for our community.  Jesus changes everything.  He’s so worth serving and so worth telling people about!

Sometimes you need to WAIT on God.  We tend to want answers, direction, a perfect plan, and the whole picture, but what I’ve found to be more realistic are long, drawn out days of prayer and more prayer.  The answers we seek are very often on the other side of convenience.  So, if you are facing the desire to solve something in your life on your schedule, I hope you will consider shelving that desire and waiting for the answer that God has for you.  It’s worth the wait.

Well, another week has passed and God is still allowing us to do what we love.  We are blessed!

Enjoy your week and come to church on Sunday!  I like seeing you!

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