March 9 Coffee Church Highlights

Such an amazing week at North Creek!  We officially launched our youth group in Battle Ground with 38 people in the building.  Worship, preaching and small groups all went flawlessly.  It was a phenomenal kick off to a great future!  Thank you to Mat and Janell Marbrey, along with their team, for diving into a generation with passion and determination.

Sunday was a highlight as well.  We’ve had several people this week indicate that they are ready to start a relationship with Jesus.  We love being part of people’s journey in learning about who Jesus is and the profound impact that He has on our lives.

On that note, baptisms are coming!  We already have lots of people signed up to make a public declaration of their faith.  We’d love to have you join us if you are ready to take that step of faith.  You can register at  March 16 at Hazel Dell and March 23 at Battle Ground.

It was also Daylight Savings time, but who wants to talk about that?  Ugh.  Make it go away.

On a personal note, my daughter Kennedy took first in her gymnastics competition on Saturday.  It has been such an amazing experience watching her grow and shine in her sport.  I love her team, her coaches, and the journey we are on.  We are all learning so much about life, ourselves, leadership, and teamwork through gymnastics.

Want to know how North Creek is doing behind the scenes?  Join us for our Annual Business Meeting and get all of the financial updates and statistics from 2013.  March 16 at Hazel Dell, March 23 at Battle Ground at 5:00 pm.

We are going to be doing some painting, cleaning, and updating at the Battle Ground campus, so if you’d like to spend some time working with us, let me know you’re free by emailing me at

We are kicking off our new sermon series Strapped and it’s going to be amazing!  We all get ourselves in a bind financially at some point in our lives, but that was never God’s idea for you.  Join us as we look scripturally at finding freedom in our finances.

I hope you enjoy some of the sunshine this week!  Finally a break in the rain, which is much needed.  Be blessed!


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