March 2 Coffee Church Highlights

Such a fun week at the Coffee Church!

Mark preached on baptism at Hazel Dell this week.  We are super excited to fill our tank on March 16 at Hazel Dell and March 23 at Battle Ground.  If you’d like to be baptized, go ahead and fill out a registration form at

The Deaf Church kicked off a new class for people just beginning a relationship with Jesus.  If you know of people in the deaf community who need a great church, let them know about North Creek Deaf Church!

Our new youth group in Battle Ground kicks off this THURSDAY!  We could not be more excited.  If you know of a teenager who needs a great youth group, let them know that we are launching on Thursday at 6:30 pm at 500 SW Eaton Blvd, Battle Ground.  Lots of amazing things in store for our teenagers at both campuses!  You can like the Facebook page HERE.

If you happen to attend The Difference Youth Group at Hazel Dell, you don’t have youth this Thursday as your leaders head to a conference.  Be praying that God blesses your leaders beyond measure!

Are you praying for your pastors?  We all need it from our worship to kids to youth to administration…  This is the greatest gig in the world, but it comes with a weight that is difficult to describe some days!  We covet your prayers as we make decisions and lead to the best of our ability!

Mark your calendars for our Annual Business Meeting as well.  It’s where we let you know how 2013 turned out and where we are headed for this year.  The dates are Hazel Dell – March 16 and Battle Ground – March 23.  More information to come!

Are you giving and serving?  If you’re not financially invested in leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus and you’re not serving others in some capacity, you aren’t growing in the way that God intended.  Step out in faith and take the plunge.  You can give online as well as sign up to serve at  If you have a way to serve that isn’t on our list, don’t hesitate!  We have people doing SO much beyond Sunday mornings and we appreciate each one so much!

Our small group is going well….a little too well!  We added dinner as a part of it and I may gain 10 pounds this semester.  My goodness!  This week is Italian week, so bring on the carbohydrates!  We also have a curriculum that I’m sure is awesome, but I’m in a food coma by then…

I hope you are full of joy today!  Life can be discouraging, so make sure you sprinkle encouragement out there somewhere.  It will return to you many times over!

Be blessed!


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