Mark’s Heart

 I love listening to my husband, Mark, talk right before we go to bed.  He is relaxed and tends to reflect on the people in his life that he appreciates.  He tells a funny story from the day about the kids or laughs at the latest crazy adventure that we are on.  Lately he has been consumed with the thoughts of how to reach as many people with the love of Christ that he can.  It is with that heart that we wrote this week’s email for our church email group (you can sign up to receive our emails at  I included it below for those of you who might not get our regular emails:


September brings fond memories of two years ago when we were preparing for the launch of the first service for North Creek Church.  Thirty-nine people (including kids) had worked and prayed for months just for September 24 to come.  And when it arrived, I couldn’t sleep, eat, or think about anything else…except people.  How many would come?  What did they look like?  What was their story?  How would Jesus impact their futures and how would North Creek play a part in that?


I can remember watching out the windows of Salmon Creek Elementary just praying that somebody would show up that first morning.  And when they did I was both amazed and thankful to God for entrusting our church with their lives.  Some of the faces that I saw that day became some of the closest friends I have now.  And the stories that have been told from those lives still keep me up at night.  I am humbled by the impact that we’ve been given by God.  And that is why I am more convinced of the direction that God has put on my heart for the fall.


My commitment is to do whatever it takes to keep us from being comfortable in the blessings that God has given us.  We have amazing people, we are able to pay the bills, our systems and strategies seem to be working…and it’s not enough.  Today my heart beats refreshed in the purpose that started this church in the beginning…people.


We are committed to the mission of God!  With all of our heart and soul!  And I look forward to stretching North Creek Church again to the edges of faith in order to reach more with the love of Jesus.  I can’t wait to share with you about what is on my heart.

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