Agent of Change

Mark and I love change!  When everything is going so smoothly that you can do it with your eyes closed and you’re so comfortable with the system that you can relax, something begins to bubble up inside of us.  How can we do this better?  How can we involve more people in the system?  How can we make the dream bigger and harder to reach?

We feel that need to stir things up again now that we are two years into this church plant.  Honestly, I’m relieved.  I thought that starting a church would be so hard that it would take a decade to settle down again.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to make this whole thing seem easy, but God gave North Creek so many amazingly competent people that we have it down pretty well.

I’m excited in my spirit.  I’m a big fan of faith.  If I can do it in my own strength, it’s not very fun for me.  If God has to show up to make it work, that’s where I like to live. 

So, let’s all get ready for the next ride.  It’s always a ton of work, but the stories that come out of it are worth the expense!

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