High School Memories

At North Creek we have this phrase that makes me laugh…”Find Your People”  It’s the idea that although you can probably enjoy many types of people, there are also those certain types of people that you tend to gravitate towards.  We strongly encourage people to get into small groups where they are surrounded by “their people”.  In fact, we actually encourage you to keep trying different groups until you feel like you are the missing piece of that group’s puzzle.  We want you to belong!

I find great comfort in the system.  It’s a lot like high school with jocks, nerds, goths, etc…yes, I just dated myself!  The only exception is that in high school it’s hard to get into the crowd you want to be in and there’s a negative stigma about some certain groups.  At North Creek all of the groups of people are on the same footing and our arms are wide open if you want to come in.

For instance, scrapbookers are a breed all to themselves.  They use words that I don’t understand and get more excited about paper than most men get if their football team wins.  Scrapbookers want to be together with other scrapbookers while they cut and paste until they are too exhausted to see.  Scrapbookers go for long weekends to fancy hotels…to scrapbook.  They are “their people”.  They should be together.  

I have my people as well.  I have people like Nichole Lundervold who came up to me after church to compliment my font on this week’s bulletin.  That’s a graphic designers way of saying to another graphic designer, “I love who you are and am so excited to have you in my life.”  Most people do not compliment my fonts.  They don’t particularily care about my fonts.  Nichole makes me comfortable because she understands that part of my world.  Other types of “my people” include people who think way too much about leadership, have toddlers, or obsess over the show Design to Sell. 

So, come, find your people!  There are all sorts of amazing, wonderful, talented people at North Creek to meet and discover.  They are all great, but somewhere in the midst of the excellence will be just the niche that you’ve been looking for!  And you can proudly leave all of your scars from high school behind!!!!

(Below is a high school picture from one of our board members.  I’m thinking he was in the popular crowd in the 80’s with that awesome head of hair!)  I’ll let you know how long it takes until he notices his picture is up on my blog…You’ve got to love a church where our board members are this cool!

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