MarriedLife Live


We have a great event at our church on February 21.  It’s called MarriedLife Live and it’s basically a night to remember how important marriage is.  We have awesome entertainment, giveaways, yummy desserts and lots of laughs!  Our theme this time is Hurry Home.  It’s all about making your time with your spouse a quality experience. 

Marriage is a tricky adventure to be on and I pray a lot for the people of North Creek.  It is my desire to see the marriages at our church healthy and strong.  There are so many ups and downs, but a lot of it just boils down to being committed to grow and change together.  That sounds so much easier than it ever is.

I hope that you will join us for MarriedLife Live.  Tickets are available at  It will be a great time to share in hilariousness of life and love.

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