May 13 Highlights

I’m a little late on my highlights this week because it was too gorgeous of a day to be typing! Loved the sun with my little ladies for the last few days.

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! It’s always a day that we take to honor ALL women! We are so hard on ourselves at times, but if you look at Scripture, God thinks highly of you! He made you very complex and He did a good job. Walk in that confidence and enjoy being a woman!

And another pregnancy was announced yesterday! Since it was on Facebook, it’s safe to blog…congrats to Chrystal and Rene Arellano!

I know that Mother’s Day is tough for those of you who have lost a mother, a child, or are struggling to get pregnant. God definitely can meet you where you are and you can trust Him to handle your heart with tender grace. We serve a God that loves us more than we can imagine and has a plan for us, even in the midst of the challenges. That being said, grieving is an important part of our lives as well.

Kris and I spoke the same message on opposite campuses on Sunday. We also partnered our sermon with a video of some of our team ladies sharing about their own highs and lows of motherhood and mentoring. They all did a beautiful job sharing with us!

I love my mom!!!

Small groups kick off this week. Ours was last night and we had a great time! We are having a potluck and then a curriculum. No church is complete without a potluck. Good times! If you haven’t been contacted by your group leader, shoot us an email at because there’s probably a computer glitch somewhere in the system.

We took an offering for summer camp scholarships on Sunday and had a great response. If you were at the beach (yeah, we saw you on Facebook!), you can give anytime over the next month, as we have LOTS of kids and youth to help!

Great new series are starting next Sunday at Battle Ground and Hazel Dell! We’ll see you then!

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