Trying Something New

My oldest daughter just started gymnastics. She’s a very likable person, but when she walked into the class of 7 little girls, you could feel the insecurity all over her. She tried to look at ease, but her arms folded across her chest and as a mom I knew that she wanted to get out of there…and fast. Unfortunately I also knew that letting her feel those emotions and walk through them was a good thing. It took her two more lessons to actually feel comfortable enough to enjoy herself. Now she says she’s never quitting!

Joining a small group at the church can surface similar emotions. It’s tough to put yourself out there and show up at someone’s house, hoping to make new friends or at least not be surrounded by strange people. And here’s what I want to tell you: sign up, show up, fold your arms across your chest if you need to, but jump in! Just as my daughter is now hooked, so will you be!

There are two days left for small group signups and we want you to be a part. We have so many amazing groups happening in our community this time around and the best part is that they end just when school gets out!

Being a part of a growing relationship with Jesus and people who are growing alongside you is the whole point of the Church! You can sign up by clicking HERE!

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