May 2 Highlights

Finally getting to my weekly highlights after experiencing a couple of days with the flu. Not fun!

It was great to be back at North Creek after a week away! I was overwhelmed to meet many new people from last week and more new faces to add to the mix this week. We are very blessed with many visitors and it is our goal to help make everyone feel at home quickly. We have a great church and we want YOU to be a part of it!

We also had our Volunteer Training on Sunday night. I love all of the hands that make North Creek function. Such a fun and quality bunch of people. And I LOVE the problems we have to address…1. Please don’t stand in the front of the coffee pot. We have too many new guests. 2. Please don’t park in the parking lot. We have too many new guests. 3. We need a third service. We have too many new guests. SERIOUSLY! What church wouldn’t want those problems????

Speaking of that third service…we are right now contemplating when to put an additional service as we plow forward with an additional campus. A new site can take 5-6 months at best and we are unwilling to sacrifice growth in the meantime. So, what do we do??? Right now we are leaning toward a 12:00 pm service on Sundays, but Saturday nights are open to discussion. We would love your thoughts. You can email me at

I am officially adding a third pot of coffee. Growth at North Creek is measured in coffee pots…

Speaking of growth, we are about to have a baby boom at North Creek. Some pretty amazing women in our church are having their first, second, and third babies! They are due in May, June, July, and September. This may be one of my all time favorite pictures:

We’ve got a lot to accomplish this week! Please pray for us as we have a lot of decisions to make and we need God’s guidance first and foremost. It’s great to be your pastors.

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