Wisdom From A Three Year Old

About a week and a half ago Kennedy fell down and scrapped her knee. It was a typical scuff that bled a little and was pretty sore. Almost from the beginning Kennedy would look down at her little wound and say, “Mommy, God is healing me.” I found that pretty profound for a three year old, but it got even more profound throughout the week.

On Saturday night we stayed in a hotel with a swimming pool. It was ridiculously fun for the kids, but at one point, the rough edges of the pool literally tore the scab from her knee. Bright red blood poured down her wet leg. She cried and cried, but then she looked down at her knee and through her sobs she said, “Mommy, God is healing me.”

I looked at her in humble amazement. Her wound, having been nearly healed, was just made far worse than when it started. Blood was oozing out of her body and the pain was throbbing through her, but her faith in God did not waver. She knew that no matter what the circumstance currently was, her God was still faithful to His commitment of healing.

It would be one more time this week that her wound would open up to expose an opportunity for discouragement. True to her nature, she did not budge. This morning, her knee now well on it’s way to recovery, she looked up at me, smiled, and said, “Mommy, God is healing me.”

Kennedy, my love, may your faith transfer to all of us in the midst of circumstances that look pretty bloody. Your resolve to love God despite the situation is inspiring for us all. A part of me wishes that little wound would leave a scar so that I could always remember your determination to believe.

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