May 26 Coffee Church Highlights

Nothing lit on fire this week on Sunday morning!  We’ve made progress since last week!

It was a really great Sunday morning at both campuses!  Hazel Dell had finished the Us series last week, so we welcomed missionary Craig Mathison with us to share a message about Zaccheaus.  It was really great having him with us for the morning!  If you would like to give to our missionaries, just mark your giving envelope for Be Present.  We have a monthly commitment to a dozen missionaries and your giving helps us reach that commitment.

At Battle Ground we finished off the Us series with Kris Gray preaching on Nurture Romance.  She knocked it out of the park as usual!  We enjoyed that series so much and appreciated all the great stories of various dates that our married couples participated in.  Lots of amazing things happening in the marriages at North Creek!  If your marriage needs some changes, we are praying for you.  We serve a God of redemption and miracles!

Mark and I headed off on Sunday night to our previous church to help them celebrate their 75th Anniversary Celebration.  It was great to see old friends and how big all of their kids have gotten!  It was a crazy realization that there is a good chance we will be celebrating North Creek’s 75th Anniversary from Heaven.  I can’t wait to meet all of the people that came to know Jesus through our church.  We’ll all have a big party with lots of coffee!

Congrats to Nick and Maria from our Deaf Church on their wedding this weekend!  We wish you well on your new life together!

Also, congrats to Rob and Lori on the birth of their daughter on Saturday!  Such an incredible moment when you become a parent for the first time!  We wish you plenty of sleep for your new life together!

We hope you had an enjoyable Memorial Day!  Seven years ago I had a baby on Memorial Day, so it will always be a very special day for us.  The importance of giving birth to a baby that will grow up in a free country because other’s have given their lives is not lost on me.  I am so grateful for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that I can tuck my kids in at night.

So many great things in store for North Creek!  We have lots of exciting plates spinning right now…solving the need for a youth pastor at Battle Ground, solving some of our facility issues at Hazel Dell, continued growth…thank you all for being a part of it and investing your time and resources into the House of God.  We love to see lives changed and we are ready for more of it!!

Invite a friend with you this month as we kick off our Protect and Serve series in June.  It’s going to be a wonderful series that has nothing to do with the police…

Our Learning Center is celebrating the last days of school today and tomorrow with a BBQ.  That means I had a hot dog for breakfast…  If you are interested in an incredible preschool environment for your toddler in the fall, you can get all of the info you need at  And a mommy note: lots of our signups are from Vancouver families, so there are carpool potentials in your future!  Congrats to all of our “graduating” preschoolers this week!

So much going on and so much to say!  Thankful to be a part of this church and your lives.  Be blessed-


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