May 8 Highlights

It was Mother’s Day! What a better time to set aside some moments and make hard working women feel loved and appreciated?!?! That is a job I look forward to!

We had seven women speak on Sunday! We also had Tiffany sing a special (and beautiful!) song. Now that is a lot to coordinate in one hour. I could not have been more impressed by our speakers, who all happen to be some of the women on our staff team! They each shared a story about mothers and knocked it out of the park. Such class, humility, and comradery. It’s hard to sum up the value of those relationships in my life. Strong, confident women who aren’t competitive with one another. We are all of the same team, we have the same goals, and we rejoice in each other’s strengths. They (and the rest of our team) are definitely a highlight of my life!

We brought in just shy of $17,000 for our 19 Cents of Faith project on Sunday! Just to give you an idea of how miraculous that is…our current monthly budget is just under $15,000. So, we brought in more in one day for our building than a typical month and we are still on track to make budget for May. God is amazing! And thank you to those of you who have given already. We are a part of something bigger than ourselves and I’m glad you are a piece of the story.

We gave each lady Dove chocolate yesterday. That makes for a lot of happy gals running around! I’m not sharing with anybody.

I got to take a nap and relax on Mom’s Day. Thanks to my hubby for watching the kids while I took a break!

The guys on our team want to outdo us for Father’s Day. They have some pretty funny ideas up their sleeves! It’s ironic that mom’s want to be appreciated and cry some happy tears on Mother’s Day and guys want to crack jokes and eat a hot dog on Father’s Day….we are different creatures, that’s for sure!

I said a prayer for those of you who are trying to get pregnant. I know that is a profoundly difficult issue and sometimes Mother’s Day is a painful reminder of what you feel like you don’t have. God knows your desires and He also has a plan. We are praying that most importantly He will be your source no matter what the outcome!

I hope that you have a really wonderful week with a little sunshine on top of it all! Please continue to pray for our church as we seek a miracle for a new building and community complex. The reality is that each person in our church has to do their part, but that’s not enough in this case. We also need a sovereign move of God in a way that we cannot plan for. I know that God is speaking to people’s hearts and I also know that when He moves, we will make it happen and change our community. Let’s roll!

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