Out and About

Over the last few weeks, I can say that we have sat down with more people regarding the vision of North Creek than I can even count. It has been crazy and fun! When God began the journey of pointing us toward a new building with an idea far-outreaching just a Sunday service concept, the one thing that was abundanty clear on our hearts was to tell people. Tell rich people, tell poor people, tell friends, tell strangers, tell everyone. I think we felt that way because we believe God is going to do a miracle and we believe He is using us for His glory. He is setting people up to know that this is an idea too big for anyone but God.

We have learned a lot about our community, the programs in it, and the people of Hazel Dell on this journey. And we’ve had a great reception nearly everywhere we’ve gone. I think there is a misconception out there that people have a negative view towards churches. Of course there are some people who have that animousity towards them, but most people we tell about what we are doing are overjoyed that a church wants to drop themselves into an old building on Hwy 99.

I am also encouraged by how ferverently the people of North Creek have also been telling people! That’s imperatively valuable because hundreds of voices make this process much quicker than just the two of us. It’s also very encouraging to sense the excitement in the air! We look forward to watching God use this whole process for His glory in multiple ways!

Here’s some ways you can help us:

1. Tell people about what we are doing! We made more information tins, so you can have as many as you like. Use them to pass out to people in our community.
2. Give something now and continue to give. Don’t wait until you have one BIG gift! Give what is in your hand!
3. Pray….not just for money, but for people. The money is a tool, but the people are our agenda!

Thanks for all of your support! We are doing well and look forward to seeing how God uses us all over the next several months!

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