Merry Christmas!

What a beautiful time of the year! As we stop and reflect on the birth of Jesus, I pray that you will take the time to worship him with a fresh sense of awe. He was born in humility, died completely humbled, rose again with full authority, and He was the greatest King that ever lived. He is worthy!

We enjoyed our Christmas season very much at North Creek! Our Christmas Eve services were wonderful and we are so glad that our world stops just for a little while to embrace Jesus. It is an awesome opportunity to tell the story once again!

We want to thank you for allowing us to be your pastors and your friends. We are blessed beyond measure with great relationships, strong ministries, and a group of people who continue to keep Jesus the main thing! We know that 2012 will bring just as many adventures as previous years and we look forward to watching how God uses our church to do His will in Clark County (and beyond!).

We hope that today you are blessed! Our prayer is that God would complete the work He began in you and that your life would be full of His glory. We love you!

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