Church Remodel Pictures

I’m WAY late on this, but I never posted pictures from the remodel we did in August. Enjoy!

Our new downsized bar to make room for people. The bricks behind the bar are all paint and not real…it’s SUPER cool!

Looking back towards the Kid’s Checkin and across the room full of my favorite people!

Nobody gets lost finding our Kid’s area.

We may or may not have chosen the absolutely most obnoxious color in the universe. We didn’t want a church that fought over paint color, so we just picked something everyone would hate…just kidding. OK, maybe not.

I had to include a picture of the Kid’s Checkin system. We love our electronic wonder!!!!

For the rest of the room, you’ll have to come and see it in person! Thanks to everybody who helped along the way. It was alot of fun and totally worth the work!

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