January 1 Highlights

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s a fresh start with a clean slate! Make the most of that and live for Jesus in a new and exciting way!

It’s a good time to start a Bible Reading Plan. I highly suggest visiting www.youversion.com to get a plan that is right for you. My way of having a consistent Bible reading habit: I NEVER let myself miss a day, because I know that if I miss one, I’ll miss ten…or twenty. I haven’t missed a day of reading at least a chapter in my Bible in over 13 years…that included the day that I was in labor with my kids! That’s thousands of chapters of God’s Word poured into my life!

I was pleasantly surprised at church today! We thought that our attendance was going to take a major hit, especially at the 9:30 service, but we ended up just fine and even had lots of guests who visited us. It was a little low, but not the mass exodus I was expecting!

We also had an excellent worship set and an excellent message, so it goes to show you that you’ve got to do your best no matter who you think my show up! Mark spoke on renewing your mind and becoming like Jesus. Good stuff!

We have some great things coming up in 2012 to share with you soon. We are believing that God is going to use this year to give us a platform to see more lives changed for Jesus. We are praying for MIRACLES this year. I hope that word gets stuck in your spirit as you think of North Creek and that you are driven to pray for that with us. Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Him and we’re not slowing down!

We got home from Montana on Saturday night. My parents live in Kalispell, which is where I lived until I was 18. They live in the same house that I came home to as a newborn! My mom is addicted to change (that’s where I got it), so it doesn’t look the same as when I was a kid, but it’s still home. My dad loves animals, so he has about 100 ducks to feed at their creek, three tame squirrels that come to the back door for peanuts from your hand, a new stray cat that fell in love with Delaney, and various other critters who visit to see what goodies they can snag! Needless to say, my kids are enamored with the chaos!

The teenagers had a blast at their New Year’s Eve Party at Big Al’s! We’ve got some great young men and women who are striving to be like Christ in a pretty crazy world. Would you pray for them this year? This generation is valuable. No other generation has had the opportunity to use technology to touch the whole world at one time. What would happen if we unleashed them with the power of the Holy Spirit on a world that is now within reach? Hmmmm….

On that note, don’t give up. Don’t stop. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t whine. Don’t let your heart grow bitter roots.

Instead…soar, speak life, accomplish the impossible, believe the unbelievable, and become fearless for the cause of Christ. Nothing else is OK.

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