One Word

I recently came upon the website Basically, the idea is that instead of a list of resolutions this year, just come up with ONE defining word that will be your focus for the year. AWESOME idea! So here’s mine:


I have believed for a long time that God was writing a story for Mark and I, but more appropriately for North Creek, that would be miraculous. In 2012, I am believing that God is DAILY orchestrating miracles on our behalf. I am asking Him to show us the little miracles that we are surely missing on a daily basis. I want to see His hand work out things in ways that are unexplainable. I believe God will make the desires of our hearts come to pass by using miracles that cannot be explained with reasonable measures.

I would love to hear your ONE WORD for 2012!

  1. I think mine is HOPE he has been speaking that to my heart lately. 🙂

  2. I believe for our church that the one word is “Miracles”. For my personal life it is “Laugh”

  3. Michelle said:

    I think mine is ” Trust” not just trusting in God, but trusting myself, my decisions, my ability with chronic pain, my visions

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