Merry Christmas!


When Delaney woke up she ran over to our nativity set and screamed, “Where’s Jesus?”  I glanced over, noticed that the baby was once again missing, and said, “Oh, I’m sure he’ll turn up.  One of you just forgot to put him back.”  I left the moment and began getting breakfast ready.  Just as I was finishing getting a warm plate of food for everyone and a couple of hot lattes, Delaney dragged out her Barbie house.  I lightly scolded her and said, “Delaney, it’s not time to play, it’s time to have breakfast and open our gifts.”  She disobeyed me and continued to open all of the nooks and crannies in her little house.  Just as I was about to go in for the second rebuke, she raised up her hands in the air above her head, with baby Jesus clenched in her fist, and yelled, “YES!  I FOUND HIM!”  We were able to continue with our Christmas morning as planned, now that Jesus was tucked safely back in His little manger.

I hope that this holiday season, you search the nooks and crannies of your heart and remember the joy you had the day that you found Jesus.  Today, find a quiet moment and shout for joy, “YES! I FOUND HIM!”  And embrace the wonder of Christmas all over again with the same enthusiasm as my sweet four year old girl.

I hope that your day is filled with the beauty of the love of Jesus.  Every day of our lives is richer because of this day over 2000 years ago!

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