The frozen rose above is quite fitting today.  One of our members of our church, Kurt, got engaged this weekend to another one of our member’s sister  (Hans).  The romantic side of me just loves new love.  The journey of God bringing that special someone into your life and the realization of the future is really some of the favorite memories of my life.

It stirs again in me to tell teenagers that it’s worth waiting for.  As we worked with teens for so many years, that was one of the things that I said over and over again.  Doing it the right way…God’s way…is awesome!  It can seem like an eternity before you will meet the right one and get to spend the rest of your life together, but in hindsight, it goes very quickly and it is such an enormous decision.  Marrying the wrong person can have lifelong ramifications, whereas marrying the right person can be a beautiful journey of growing together in the love of Christ.

So, congrats to Kurt and Heather!  We look forward to the future and wish you the very best!  We are cheering you on and supporting you!

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