Winter Wonderland!



Merry Christmas!  I’m from Montana, so a good snowfall reminds me of home!  The Portland area is basically shutting down and snuggling in for a couple of days of snow and freezing rain.  Before moving here I had never heard of freezing rain.  After living through the last big storm in 2004, I have a new respect for the concept. 

The good news about the weather is that my girls are out in the snow right now with their dad.  Giggling and excited to be so cold that Mom will be forced to warm them up with hot chocolate and marshmallows.  It’s the rule of a good snow day.  I succumb to the extra dose of sugar because nothing is cuter than their little red noses poking out of a steamy cup.

The bad news about the weather is that church will be cancelled for tomorrow, which makes me sad.  However, on a better note, we are now having a Christmas Eve service, because the one thing I have to include in my Christmas traditions is that time at church to sing of His birth.  I love the unified breath we all take from our daily lives to be grateful for a King born in a manger.  From the humblest of beginnings came the greatest leader our world will ever know. 

I hope you enjoy your snow day!  And I hope it includes a cup of hot chocolate.

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