Today we hit 100 people in our attendance, which is a milestone for us!  Each of those lives is so precious to our church.  They represent a story, a changed life, and most importantly, a life that is now capable of changing our world for the better with the love of Jesus. 

I’m sure that someday we will look back and remember when we were “only” 100, but there will never be a time when I forget what each of those people represent.  I smile on Sundays because I LOVE our people.  They are fun, loving, imperfect, and I consider each one part of my family. 

Mark and I look forward with great anticipation for the future.  We know there will be growth and lives changed for the rest of our time in ministry.  As long as Jesus is still alive and working, we will never run out of stories to tell!  What an amazing calling and job we have!

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