I love a challenge.

OK, so we’ve been waiting for a permit for years.  Fine, it’s only been a few weeks, but it really does feel like years.  And guess what!  Tomorrow is the big day.  It’s the day that we will be handed the little piece of paper that allows us to go forward and move on from this roadblock of construction.  Here’s the kicker…we’ve got the green light, but in order to move into our new building by Nov. 23 we need to have our huge building projects done in 3.5 days. 

I can envision it now.  It’s the Extreme Makeover Home Edition of the church world.  100’s of people in blue shirts marching toward a goal with one thing in mind.  Help the family that is destitute.  I’m pretty sure that would be Mark and I by now.  This process is just hanging over our heads and let me tell you – I can taste the freedom of completion.  It’s in my sights and I want it.  Bad.

That’s where “Determined Stacy” shows up.  There is this mildly vicious side of me that flairs up when a goal is placed before me.  I will move Heaven and Earth to meet a challenge.  And it’s gonna take a little earth moving on this one.

We need to build a 532 sq ft. sub floor, a 12 foot ramp, sheetrock a door shut, recarpet, build a 21 ft ramp to the stage, build a wall and door to the Little Adventurers, clean the place top to bottom, finish electrical work, minor plumbing, install an espresso maker, and buff about 6000 sq ft. of floor…with wax.  Did I mention that we have 3.5 days?

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