So far, so good.

Wow!  What a week!  We took on a MONUMENTAL task and with lots of help…and lots of God, we went through our first inspection yesterday without a hitch.  Everything looked good to the fire marshall and after he gets a couple of questions answered, we’ll have our building inspection.

The mountain of lumber that it took to build a subfloor, wall, and ramp has been reduced to a pile of scraps.  The sawdust alone was an astounding mess that has been conquered and the tools are getting packed away for another day.  We are beginning the process of taking our freshly groomed building and turning it into our church. 

With our dream of opening day looming just five days away, we continue to pray that God will give us favor for our final inspection and the strength to get everything setup and done with ease.

Thank you to all of the people who have painted, scrubbed, built, and injured themselves for this dream.  I trust that God will use this building as an awesome tool and your work will be for a purpose far beyond what you could imagine.

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