Miraculous Moments

I had a great day. It started off in a remarkable way that could not be matched.

After I preached on Ridiculous Generosity, we have had story after story of the people of North Creek that are taking this very seriously. They are hungry for people to bless. I am actually struggling to keep up with all of the people who want to help someone…in small ways and in large ways. And this is just another one of those stories.

So today, I got to drop off $1000 in cash to a family in our church that has recently been laid off. In the long run, they will be just fine. In the short run, the bills will keep coming and the stress will keep mounting. This small season could carry longlasting financial ramifications to a family that has worked really hard to make wise decisions. Isn’t that the real heartache of our current economy? Even discipline and wisdom can fall short right now in the midst of circumstance.

That’s where a very generous family stepped in to pay a month’s mortgage. This generous family doesn’t live frivously and doesn’t just throw $1000 around. They live simply in order to be generous. They pray and listen to how God would direct their financial choices. And when I told them how much this money would mean to this family, they said something remarkable…”Sometimes a little help just won’t cut it.” Isn’t that the heart of God? When we need a little, He’s there for that, but when we need ALOT…He’s there for that, too.

I want you to hear this story. I want you to experience it with me because it will change who you are. As we handed over that money my first thought was, “What about me? That money would make a big difference for ME, too.” I know. Selfish. Yes, we are all made of flesh and some of you who are reading this probably had the same thought. I am confident that I don’t stand alone in my pathetic “fleshliness”. Not proud of that, but I am thankful to say that the thought was very brief, which means that I’ve grown some in the last 20 years of Christianity.

But then, as I looked into the face of the person that God had destined this for, I felt an uncontrollable joy. I had just seen God. I saw Him put on the heart of one of His children to bless another one of His children. I saw Him say, “I love you. I know your needs and I love you.” I saw Him bring relief for a season. I saw Him in all of His glory today. And He was awesome.

I left that doorstep and said, “I’ve got to figure out how to be THAT generous.” You see, generosity is contagious. It’s like a virus that can’t be stopped. If you experience it, if you witness it, if you sacrifice to BE it…you are changed.

Thank you to that family who gave. Since the beginning of our church we have hoped and prayed to be the type of church that can pay the mortgage of someone who needs it. Not only did you help that family, but you made all of our dreams a reality.

If you’d like to change someone’s future, we’ll be glad to help you. Our church has a fund called Benevolence. That’s an old word for “Pay it Forward”. Above and beyond your regular tithes, you can give to this fund and we will make sure that we help our families stay above water. You might not be able to give $1000, but together, we can make a difference. You can give online at www.coffeechurch.com as well.

I will continue to write story after story. My challenge to you is to be part of the story and then tell me about your experience. I want to know…not because you are so awesome, but because God is. And one miracle encourages another.

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