Today’s Random Blessing

Another story…

A woman in our church donated some canned food. A small group brought some more canned food. Another woman donated a Safeway gift card. Another man donated more canned food, some fresh food, and $50 to offset some of the grocery budget.

What did that create? The perfect situation to pour out a blessing. That same man loaded all of that blessing into his car, drove over to a single mom’s house from our church, and rang the doorbell. Simple and yet profound at the same time.

Here’s the email that the church got a little while later:

Just wanted to say thank you SO much!!! My son was just saying last night how everyone at our church is so nice. Then…you gave us the biggest blessing today!!! Just when I feel like “where is God in all of this?” – HE shows me exactly where He is! Always watching over us, always! Our God is incredibly amazing – even in our darkest hours. My whole family thanks you for your continued blessings and prayers!

The lesson in this blessing: You may not have “enough” to bless someone by yourself. However, when a group of people comes together, it became a huge deal for one family. That’s the magic of a church family.

If you’d like to donate some food, bring it to church on Sunday. A few families doing “a little bit” can buy a couple of weeks of groceries for someone who really needs it. We’ll keep doing “drops” as long as we have food/gift cards/cash to do it.

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