Mistake Makers

Kennedy was praying before bed the other night and said, “Dear Jesus, Thank you for letting me do whatever I want.” Now there’s some backwards theology! Christ came to give us freedom, but doing whatever we want in the name of that freedom is missing the entire point of the Bible. However, as I got to thinking about it, I am afraid that is the attitude behind a lot of people when it comes to the things that they do wrong in their lives. I’m forgiven by Jesus, so I can do anything I want and chalk it up to being human and making a mistake.

In America, it seems that we have a lot of “mistake makers”, but ironically, not a lot of people who are “sinners”. I hear all of the time, “Oh, we accidently slept together outside of marriage…it was a mistake.” Accidentally? Mistake? Let’s call it what it is…sin. Ugly, regrettable, horrible sin that requires a Savior, not a cliche about how humans make mistakes and it’s just OK.

Look back over all of the “mistakes” in your life. Now, change the catergory of every mistake that required a choice on your part. Move that mistake to the sin column. You see, mistakes are things that happen because we are clumsy, ill-equipped, or prone to accidents as humans. Sin is when we decide to go against the mandates of the Bible and end up in a bad place. We need to stop justifying that sin away and just call upon Jesus to save us. We need to FEEL the weight of that conviction in our lives and strive to stop doing what WE want in order to do what HE wants.

I don’t want my daughter living a doctrine where she feels like she can do whatever she wants because she’s a mistake-maker and that’s just how it is. I want my daughter to know that Jesus put up incredible, life-saving boundaries and if she chooses to walk outside of that, she needs help…not excuses.

Bottom line…I’m a sinner who was bought at a price by a Savior. To downplay my role, is to downplay His role.

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  1. NRIGirl said:

    Thank you for sharing. You make a good point saying, “…to downplay my role is to downplay His role”

    Care for some Coffee with Jesus?

    ~ NRIGirl

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