Oct. 16/17 Highlights

I say this alot for my weekly highlights, but it never gets old…it was our highest attendance ever this weekend aside from Easter and our anniversary celebrations…and the best part…every service has room in it, which means we have a great window of growth for a little bit to strategize the bigger picture of our future.

We are working on the future everyday. I think that’s important for you to know…we are not waiting for a crisis of growth. We are dreaming, preparing, and positioning ourselves for whatever God may bring our way. It is challenging, gut-wrenching, and leadership shaking, but it’s what we’ve gonna do for the rest of our lives.

There were three people named Stacy in the 9:00 am service. Thought that was fun.

Our next series is Out of Order. Our staff has WRESTLED with this series for over a month. I think it’s going to be GREAT!

This weekend Mark preached on the Sabbath. I bet it’s the most broken commandment…pretty close anyway. A lot of people asked when we take time off. Our goal is from Friday at 5:00ish until Saturday at 4:00ish. We’ve got to be at Saturday service just before 5:00 pm, so we gear up for that. This is by far the biggest struggle in our marriage to stop ministry and our giant “to do” list and breathe for a day. But it’s worth fighting for.

Two people wrote down that they wanted to accept Jesus yesterday. AWESOME!

Nichole Lundervold brought a box of black aprons for the espresso bar! We’re official now!

I jumped in with the Great Adventurer’s during the 9:00 am. They were doing science experiments and relating it to the story of Christ. It was totally cool and something I’ll remember for a long time. Thanks, Pastor Kim, for dreaming for our kids and giving them a foundation to understand who Jesus is in a creative way!

So, six days until we do it all again…plenty of time to invite a friend! Have a great week!

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