Moving Right Along

As Mark and I have prayed this year, we sensed a change was coming for North Creek and have desperately wrestled about what that was going to look like. 

We began to think about multiple services, a change of location, a new strategy for advertising and outreach…and it may come to pass that all of the above will take place in one gigantic decision.  As we searched for the specifics we went down the road of location options.  And we learned a lot… sprinkler systems, permits, parking…it is a nightmare for large groups to meet on commercial property!  Add in our limited budget and the doors came crashing to a close.  One realtor actually audibly laughed at me when we told him our specifics.

However, God seems to provide in the midst of the obstacles.  We are currently walking through the process of a building that would allow us to move out of our awesome school within about a month.  And be just enough outside of our budget to require faith, but not stupidity.  WHAT???  Can you say that again?  100+ times of unloading and reloading a trailer full of a church and it would all come to a halt in 30 days?  We would begin to establish permanence in our community! 

This buidling is still a temporary step to a greater situation, but it is an important step!  It is a step that allows us signage on a busy highway and the opportunity to utilize a facility on a daily basis.  I see it as the difference between living in your car or living in a hotel room.  Sure, the hotel room still isn’t home, but it’s nice to have a place get comfortable in the meantime.

I laugh at how God has used this church.  Sometimes I feel like God uses our accidental bumblings to show His glory in the most amazing ways.  We try something ridiculous and He moves His awesome hand to create something incredulous. 

In ministry I would have to confess to pride in my past.  However, I would say that pride has long since passed to great humility.  The last two years have been God and God alone.  I am just humbled to be along for this ride.  Whether or not we are moving in a month, I know that this journey is on a road that is paved with God’s miraculous and awesome power.

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