God’s Mercies

Sometimes in the ministry life, there are literally so many decisions and directions to go in at one time it is overwhelming.  As we began the journey from youth pastor to church planter, we faced the most changes that we had ever experienced.  On April 28, 2006 we moved into our house in Salmon Creek while I was nine months pregnant.  We had our baby on May 29, 2006. And then we began the preparation work for the launch of this church on June 20, 2006, just days after our last goodbye as youth pastors at Glad Tidings Church.

The workload was a mountain ahead with a neverending “to do” list.  I can remember being up at my computer in the middle of the night working on the bulletin while holding my newborn baby to get her back to sleep.  The nights got longer, the days got shorter, and the house got dirtier. 

In hindsight, I look back at those few months preceeding launch and have no idea how I coped.  And yet, I never cried, I never broke down, and I never doubted that our team would make this thing happen…and I take no credit for the amazing perseverance that I had.  It was God’s sweet mercies that were new every morning in my life. 

What I learned during that time of my life is not to be afraid of a challenge…and the work that comes with it.  God will give you the strength that you need for your dream and an endurance that will not end.  It’s what I take with me as we look at the future.  Ahead of us lies more work than we’ve done behind us.  And I am confident to say that in the midst of that, God’s mercies will continue to be new every morning.

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