November 15

I’m a broken record, but I just gotta say it…Sunday was great!

Here’s my highlights:

Mike was teaching the Great Adventure today and the computer shut down. One of the students, Adam, got up and taught the class the memory verse. He knew it because he was in the first service and learned it there. What a great kid and leader! Way to go!

My in-laws are back! They were gone for three Sundays and I missed them being at church.

Our church drank 124 cups of drip coffee today. Not to mention lattes and other drinks that people bought. Amazing how many coffee addicts you get when you call your church the Coffee Church.

I talked to a teenager today who wants to be a writer when he grows up, but he flunked english…ironically, that probably means he’ll be a great writer…

We had our first missions meeting tonight. What a monumental moment that was for me! I am very excited for our church as a whole to get behind impacting the world in this way. I know that there are many great adventures ahead for the people of North Creek.

Mark’s sermon was awesome! We’re in a parenting series and I think it’s going to be really good for a lot of people in our church and beyond. It’s a big task and we all need to be in this together.

Don’t tell anybody, but Mark and my heart is stirring for the next step for North Creek. We are praying, dreaming, scheming, and will set into motion a new season for our church. Why sit on your laurels? There are great things for those who step out in faith.

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