November 6/7 Highlights

WE BROKE THE 200 IN ATTENDANCE MARK!!!! We had 213 people at church this weekend and IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m doing cartwheeels because every number represents such an amazing story. Stop and ask people in our foyer about their journey with Christ. It will keep you motivated for the rest of your life!

Tiffany Wisecarver lead worship for the first time (with us) today. Seriously amazing woman! Thank you, Tiffany, for helping us to connect with Jesus through your gifts. When I go to Heaven, I hope God gives me a voice like yours to sing praises to Him for the rest of eternity!

I went into the Great Adventurer’s class at 10:30 just to mess with kids…I love interrupting the class to make eye contact with some of the greatest kids on the planet! It was Pastor Kim’s birthday on Sunday, so she got lots of love and adoration!

Pete Torres said that Starting Point is having an awesome session. I think he’s got the best job at our church. He gets to lay the foundation for God, help people learn how to read the Bible, pray, and live for Jesus. If you are still trying to figure out Christianity, I suggest you think about jumping into the Starting Point class in January. It is foundational and FABULOUS!

I had a long conversation at the bar with Jace. He’s almost 4 and we had a nice chat about life.

Mark had a hard hitting message about morality…if you missed it, I highly recommend catching it online in the next few days. It’s a life-changer, if you let it be!

We have about 7 people getting baptized next weekend. You can sign up online if you are interested in doing that! We can’t wait to celebrate with people who have experienced the life saving power of Jesus.

Rachael Yonko’s brother heard about us in California from a man who was from Vancouver. He said that the coffeechurch was creating quite a buzz. Well, yes we are. How can you not create a buzz when you serve the most controversial man who ever walked the planet? Jesus is the ultimate “buzz maker!”

Have an awesome week!

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