Oct. 14 Coffee Church Highlights

First of all, I LOVE MY CHURCH! I’m super excited and proud because we have gotten a GREAT response to the Blood Drive. So far we have 38 people signed up between the two campuses and we just started signups. That’s crazy! That’s 10% of our congregation already. We are hoping to fill all 60 spots within the week and have a waiting list in case people can’t give blood due to not getting cleared and we can squeeze in a few more. You can sign up at www.coffeechurch.com under the Be Present link.

Mark and I were at both at Battle Ground yesterday. Some great new families have plugged in there and it’s fun to see full kids classes, nurseries, and seats! I jumped in to the nursery with my old friend, Jamie. It was fun to chat until the tired babies decided to have a crying chorus! We won and had two sleeping soundly in no time. CUTE!

Chris ended the Red, White, and Confused series at Hazel Dell today. Definitely a foundational series on how we should act and think in this political climate. If you missed it, you can always catch our sermons online.

Simply Worship is Oct. 23 at the Battle Ground Campus and Oct. 24 at the Hazel Dell Campus. If you’ve never been, it a night of worship, prayer and communion. Such a great time to just meet with Jesus and take a breath!

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The Youth Staff had a retreat last weekend! We LOVE your heart for teens and your faithfulness to fight for their futures. The world is full of people telling teenagers how worthless they are, but your voices will speak MUCH louder!

I love raising my kids in church. Sometimes I try and think about my life without my church family and I shudder! I want my kids to be consistently in environments where they are learning the Word of God. If it’s in them, it will come out of them.

We are patiently awaiting our next baby who is due in the next couple of weeks…Come on, Landon Phelps! Let’s do this! We have so many friends for you to meet!

We are also praying for another Battle Ground couple that wants a baby. Would you pray with us?

OK, I’ve got to go clean the house for our small group. Looking forward to connecting with them again and learning. We’re doing a GREAT curriculum this time called Break Away by Andy Stanley. It’s a really good one that is changing my daily thought process and I’m loving it!

As alway, I hope you are blessed this week by the love of God. Be Present in your world this week and make a difference!

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