Get Dirty and Give Ridiculously

Be Present.logo.kWe are on the verge of heading full steam ahead into our next sermon series called Be Present.  It’s not enough to be half-heartedly engaged in this world!  We’ve got to Get Dirty and Give Ridiculously.  One of the ways we will be providing you an opportunity to do both of those things is a Blood Drive on Oct. 28 at both campuses.

Here’s some interesting facts about giving blood:

  • You save 3 lives within 24 hours of giving 1 pint.  SAVE THREE LIVES.  Let that sink in for a moment and don’t just read over those words.  Think of the three most important people in your world.  What if they needed blood today?  It completely shifts your thinking from personal pain to desperately wanting to help.
  • The World War II generation is known for it’s consistent and timely gift of blood.  They are now dying and someone needs to take their place.  I personally believe that our younger generations are willing to get dirty and give ridiculously.
  • Very few people actually pass out or get sick from giving blood.  If you eat a good meal (we’ll even be helping you with that one!) and don’t panic, you will be just fine.

When we asked about partnering with the Southwest Washington Blood Program, they mentioned that churches have a poor reputation for giving blood at drives.  I literallly couldn’t believe it.  So, in the spirit of generosity, as well as the opportunity to challenge the reputation of churches, we are asking you to do several things:

1.  Help us fill our 30 spots at each campus by clicking on the links below:

Hazel Dell Campus –  

Battle Ground Campus –

2.  If you think you are ineligible to give blood, but aren’t positive, please sign up anyway.  They consider it a success if we get 25 people (at each campus) to sit through their process and therefore be registered as blood donors…even if you can’t give a drop!

3.  If you are 16 years old, you can give blood.  We have an extra form that needs a parent signature in order for minors to give blood.  You can get that from Kris Gray or they are available at each campus on Sunday mornings.

No matter what time you sign up, we will make sure that your children are being watched!  And for those of you who are wondering, regulated tattoos don’t exclude you from giving blood!

Let’s make a difference on Sunday, Oct. 28 from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.  It takes about an hour to fill out their forms, give blood, and get checked out!

Anybody from our community can be a part, so please share the link to my blog and invite your friends!

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