Oct. 7 Coffee Church Highlights

I’m slow to blog this week because my mom is in town visiting.  I get my creative side from her, so we come up with some crazy projects to do when she comes to visit!  A lot of playing and no working!

It was a great weekend!  We are very much enjoying the Red, White, and Confused sermon series.  It is a refreshing reminder that our politics matter, but what matters most is our personal responsibility to the gospel.  If we get out of line, we will fail, but if we hold true to Biblical principles, it will work itself out.

We have a Blood Drive coming up on Oct. 28.  I’ll be writing specifically about it, but we have a two-fold agenda: 1. Save lives by giving blood (Duh.)  2. Churches have a pretty pathetic reputation for actually giving blood at blood drives.  That’s just not gonna happen at a church full of tattooed people!  If you do needles for recreation, you can do needles for Jesus.  Maybe I’ll get a bumper sticker about that…

We had some people from Battle Ground at Hazel Dell and some people from Hazel Dell at Battle Ground this weekend!  Nice to see some faces we didn’t expect to see!  The only downfall is that some of them got to hear the same sermon twice because our campuses are on slightly offset schedules.  I guess God REALLY wanted them to hear that message again!  😉

Loving my small group!  And I’m hearing lots of good things out there this semester!  My favorite part of small groups is bringing people together that might not otherwise meet and watching relationships grow.  You just never know who you might really like!

Every Sunday we hear about amazing things that God is up to in the lives of people in our church…babies born, marriages restored, people healed, jobs gotten, offenses let go of…the list is long.  If you are hanging out, ask someone what their story is…you’ll probably be impressed by the journey God has taken them on!

We have the BEST volunteer team on the entire planet…hands down!  So willing to help, so good at leading, and a week doesn’t go by without people thanking us for LETTING them serve.  Now that is an awesome heartbeat of a church!

OK, gotta run and go have some more fun with my mom before she heads back to Montana!  I hope that your week is blessed beyond measure and that you find yourself in a lot of places where you get to be like Jesus.




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